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With power into the energy transition

Sustainable    Competent    Reliable

General electrotechnical and electromechanical activities in the low-medium-high voltage range. Photovoltaic solar parks, agri-photovoltaics, energy network infrastructure. Special electrotechnical/electromechanical work at heights. Construction project and assembly lines.

If you have an ongoing project and need support, then we are your contact point.


We act neutrally and represent our clients in their interests. We are neutral, independent and unbiased from other companies or institutes. That's why we can guarantee 100% loyalty from our elected officials. You benefit from our huge network.

Wherever possible, we avoid pointless feasibility and market studies and implement your project before you have received time-consuming results from expensive research institutes. sells ideas and the associated concept and implements them quickly and easily.



Construction projects and assembly services GmbH supports you in optimizing complex work processes and completing them in the allotted time. We specialize in construction and assembly lines in the electrotechnical/electromechanical area such as: solar parks, agri-photovoltaics with cable routes and transformer stations. Construction and assembly lines of fast charger charging stations for e-mobility with cable routes and transformer stations, as well as construction, project planning and assembly lines of the entire network infrastructure.

Sale of facilities

In addition to construction projects and assembly services, we also sell systems to you upon request. We sell alternative energy components such as eco-salt battery storage systems and are responsible for brokering and managing assembly teams. We or one of our partners will be happy to advise you on an entire concept.

Öko-Salzbatteriespeichersysteme,, Bau Projekt und Montageleitung Landquart, Nachhaltige Kompetente & Zuverlässige Energie, Bauherrenvertretung/Mandatsübernahmen/Expertisen, Papiermühleweg 4b  7302 Landquart, Schweiz, Peter Hagenbuch


...For the reasons mentioned above, we consider Peter Hagenbuch to be very qualified as a service provider for projects in the field of telecommunications and construction management and would like to recommend him to potential clients. We would like to thank Mr. Hagenbuch for his valuable and committed work and wish him all the best for his professional and private future.


Jörg Lüchinger, Head of Telecom Excerpt from project confirmation Ftth expansion 2017-2022 Liechtenstein power plants


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